Intermediate Classes

Enhance your yoga journey with us

Who can attend intermediate?

The classes are planned for students with prior experience in yoga and who are willing to explore/ progress further in their asana practice.

What does this consist of?

The classes are designed to provide a deeper understanding on a mindful practice and introduces students to various styles of asana practice. Detailed instructions on alignments, body-breath connection and strength building techniques will be offered.

What are the key learnings?
  • Improves the student's knowledge on various yoga postures and styles.

  • The wide range of asanas will enable one’s personal progress towards improving strength, flexibility and mental balance.

  • Intermediate training provides the students with a better understanding of body and helps in their transformative journey towards advanced level.

Online classes are held on Zoom & Offline Classes are held at Nirakula Yoga Shaala, Koramangala, Bangalore

shoreline during golden hour
shoreline during golden hour